After Care

To prevent infection, wash your hands before you touch your tattoo. Every time. DO NOT ALLOW ANYTHING OR ANYONE to touch your tattoo unless it’s clean.

You may remove your bandage after a few hours or as instructed by your artist.  If you have an evening appointment, you may wear your bandage overnight.  If you remove your bandage the same day, you will need to get a few washes in before going to sleep.


Wash with hot water and LIQUID ANTIBACTERIAL HAND SOAP.  You may use your CLEAN hands or you may use a few paper towels that are wet and soapy;  thoroughly clean your tattoo.  The goal is to completely wash away the slimy coating. Rinse. Using clean paper towels, PAT YOUR ENTIRE TATTOO for a couple minutes UNTIL IT STOPS OOZING.  Llet your tattoo air dry for a few minutes; blot away any fluids that appear.   Apply the lotion or ointment recommended by your artist.  Use small amount of *****ointment and RUB IT IN THOROUGHLY. Blot away excess.

*****The following may be used for healing/moisturizing: Aquaphor (drugstore) or Redemption Tattoo Ointment (from or “Unpetroleum Jelly” (from Whole Foods)

CLEANSING/CARE SCHEDULE After removing your bandage:

Day 1:  Every 2-3 waking hours or 4-5 times per day.

Day 2:  Every 2-3 waking hours or 4-5 times per day

Day 3:  Morning, midday, and before bedtime

Day 4:  Morning, midday and before bedtime

Day 5:  Morning and before bedtime

Day 6 thru Complete Peel:  Your tattoo should start to peel or show signs of peeling/flaking.  Just wash the surface lightly with your hand only when you shower, but moisturize lightly and gently whenever it feels tight/dry/itchy, usually 4-5 times per day.  DO NOT PICK/PULL/TOUCH OR WASH/SCRUB THE FLAKING SKIN OFF – DON’T!!!  

Once the tattoo is peeled you should continue to moisturize a couple times per day for another 10 days; that fresh baby skin layer still needs protection and care. Keep the tattooed area out of the sunlight for 2 more weeks.

OTHER NO-NOs: No swimming/soaking/tub bathing; Don’t wear clothing over the tattoo at night to “keep the tattoo protected” as the tattoo may leak plasma and become stuck to the clothing; No tight/irritating clothing (i.e. if you have a tattoo in an area where your bra will rub, don’t wear a bra until the tattoo peels); No pet hair; No scrubbing, scratching or picking; Working out is fine as long as you stay away from germy gym equipment.

If you have ANY ISSUES or questions (no matter what the question), contact your artist IMMEDIATELY.


Do's and Don'ts


1. Tell your friends how pleasant of an experience you had getting with us.

2. Keep very clean.

3. Show it off.

4. Clean it again.

5. Moisurize! Take care of it, its gonna be with you for a little while.

6.  Drink a ton of water!!



1. Don’t listen to your friends or family about how to take care of it, they love you
but that doesnt mean they know what they are talking about.

2. Don’t go swimming in a lake, pool, beach or jacuzzi’s for at least 3 weeks.

3. Don’t let your pet lick it, their tongue’s lick their butt, ok?  Also avoid pet hair like the plague for the first few days.

4. Don’t expose it to direct sunlight or a tanning bed for at least 2-3 weeks.
A nicely healed tattoo is more important than a sweet tan.

5. Don't peel, pick, or scratch your healing tattoo.  Don't try to wash or force the peeling skin off, let it fall off naturally.  Don't peel, pick, or scratch your healing tattoo.  Don't peel, pick, or scratch your healing tattoo.  We will know if you did and you will receive a severe scolding.

Getting a Tattoo


Clean your bedding!  Especially if there is pet hair present.  Fresh tattoo + pet hair = trouble.

Get a good night's rest and eat lots of greens the week before! 

Lightly exfoliate a few days before your appointment and be generous with daily moisturizing of the area to be tattooed!

Drink water!


Get Comfy!  Wear clean, comfortable,  loose clothing to allow free movement and easy access to the tattoo site.  Don't wear your best duds either-you may get ink or ointment on them during the tattoo.

Be sure to eat a good meal shortly before your appointment. 



Healthy snack to keep your blood sugar up if you're sitting for a long session.

Water to drink.

CLEAN pillow and sheet-otherwise you have to lay on plastic.  Don't use your good sheets though as they may get ink on them.

Treats for your artist!  We loooove treats!


LEAVE YOUR CHILDREN AT HOME.  They do not belong in a tattoo shop environment and will agitate your artist.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

NO Drinking within 24 hours of your session.

NO Drinking heavily after your tattoo session; increases bleeding and decreases, apparently, the ability to care for or remember to care for your tattoo.

NO Children in the studio.  It's not because we don't like children.

Self-medicating:  Pain meds don't really help with the pain of getting a tattoo and can cause excessive bleeding which can make your tattoo more expensive.  So just suck it up and smile through the pain.