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Guidelines to Getting Tattooed at Workhorse

Our tattoo studio is located in a residential area, in a house that has been converted to our neat studio. It is off the beaten path, kind of like a speakeasy, without the secret knock. Houston doesn’t have zoning restrictions for where licensed businesses can operate and we choose to stay out of the bright lights and foot traffic to allow us to focus on our client sitting in our chair. We have been on this same residential street since 2012. This is a seriously comfortable atmosphere to get tattooed in, especially for long-session tattoo projects. 

We are a custom-work only tattoo studio; this means that our artists prefer to conceptualize and draw specifically for your tattoo project. When you visit our studio, you will not see flash artwork on the walls to choose from, and we prefer to use our talents for non-Pinterested-to-death tattoo designs. You tell us what's on your mind, and we will work with you to give you your very own tattoo design for you and your personal story and desire.

While we are open to tattooing anyone who wishes to come to us, we prefer to meet with you first and discuss your tattoo project. Our doors are open for a drop-in to meet us or see the studio, but you will need to set up a consultation with your chosen artist before you get tattooed. Which brings us to the next bullet point:
Before you contact us, please view our website (www.workhorsetattoo.com), Instagram (workhorsetattoocompany) or Facebook page to view each artist’s work. This will give you an understanding of what style of work each artist LIKES to do; this is important! You want your tattoo artist to also enjoy the piece they are tattooing! So, pick your favorite artist AND THEN contact us, or the artist directly to begin your tattoo journey. 

Please keep in mind, that your chosen artist will guide and advise you on the best options, style, concept and placement for your tattoo. We care about your choice and want to give you the best tattoo for its lifetime. 

Each of our artists have a two-hour minimum, and charge anywhere from $125-$150 per hour. There will be a non-refundable appointment deposit required for each new project and depending on the complexity, there may be a drawing deposit as well—this keeps everyone honest and motivated.

So, in short, we aren’t a lick-em stick-em tattoo shop. Bring us your unique ideas and we will be happy to work with you; bring us Pinterest, and we will Kindly refer you to a walk-in shop to give you your quick n’ dirty—no offense meant, it’s just how we operate and what keeps our creative energy juiced up!

There are myriad talented tattoo artists in Houston and the surrounding areas; we realize your patronage is valuable, and we will do our best to make sure you feel valued by giving you our utmost attention. Thank you for considering Workhorse Tattoo Company for your next tattoo project.